Specialty Items


The TJB breaker plug combines our standard coupler design with a Cutler-Hammer E2F030HM breaker rated for 30amps at 600 volts, it can be ordered to connect with either the LVNT or MLVNT coupler line. The breaker plug exceeds IP 67 standards to extend breaker life and provide maximum safety in all working conditions. A durable hinged cover prevents accidental contact with the breaker switch and provides a place for a lock to prohibit unauthorized access to the breaker controls. The split casting design of the breaker housing provides ample room for installation and the screw clamp terminals save time and eliminate the need for soldering while accommodating a wide range of cable sizes. The standard TJB cable entrance, bolts to the housing and provides a firm grip and tight seal on even imperfect or out of round cable.




On long cable runs the proximity of the ground check to the phases inside the cable can cause a current to be induced in the ground check circuit. The induced current can cause improper operation of some ground check configurations. The phase rotator changes the alignment of the phases in relation to the ground check while still maintaining proper phase order, eliminating the excessive induced current and not affecting the other electrical characteristics of the cable.



Cable layout and movement can be expensive both from lost production and total labor hours involved. In the event of a cable laid with the ends reversed or a change in configuration that would otherwise require a cable to be turned around, TJB has designed a coupler reverser. The reverser will connect two male or two female cable couplers to each other, takes up only a small amount of space, and is relatively light. They feature the same PTFE and silver plated copper that our high voltage couplers use and can be equipped with any of our three housings.



Designed for use where cable is to be attached permanently, BCE flange mount clamps provide a dust and moisture resistant cable entrance based off the design of TJB’s proven coupler entrance. BCE includes all required hardware and gaskets can be ordered for cables up to 3.75” in diameter (specify size when ordering).